Investigating Trucking Companies

Truck accident attorney who can help you seek financial compensation for your injuries

When there's a truck accident in Longwood or Orlando, FL, trucking companies are usually quick to send their own investigators onto the scene. But they're not there to help you. They are there to protect the trucking company's best interests. The Law Offices of Scott M. Miller, PLLC knows how to balance the scales in your favor. We conduct our own investigation into your accident and the trucking company.

These companies and their insurance companies are not on your side. If you've been injured in a truck accident, you need an experienced attorney in your corner. Call (866) MILLER-5 or (407) 869-9996 to schedule a free consultation. We will fight to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

When we conduct our investigation, some of the evidence we regularly review includes:

  • Hours of Service (HOS) Logs
    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) limits the number of hours truck drivers can spend on the road each day and each week. They must also take mandatory breaks. Drivers are required to keep a log of their hours of service to ensure they are following regulations. We will get a copy of this log and review it thoroughly. Our investigators will also look for evidence that the record is not accurate. For example, fuel receipts or toll records that indicate the truck was still on the road. This can help us prove negligence.
  • Data Recorder Information
    Most commercial trucks are equipped with a data recorder, also called a "black box." This is similar to the "black box" used in airplanes. The data recorder in trucks can indicate whether a truck driver was speeding or driving recklessly just before the accident. It is the property of the trucking company, but we will take immediate action to gain access to the information on it following an accident. This information can help us establish if the driver was operating responsibly.
  • Maintenance Information
    A truck that is not properly maintained is a danger on the road. Trucking companies have a responsibility to keep all trucks in their fleet in good working order. They must also document all maintenance done on each truck. We will review all maintenance records for the truck involved in your accident to make sure the company took the required steps to keep it safe. We will also interview mechanics and other professionals who worked on the truck.
  • Company Records
    We also seek copies of the trucking company's hiring and supervision records for the driver involved in your accident. Trucking companies are required to conduct background checks of their drivers to ensure they have a record of safe and responsible driving. But some companies fail to conduct this background check. Others knowingly hire drivers who have a history of unsafe driving or even drunk driving. Some companies hold on to drivers who should have been taken off the road. Reviewing these records may be able to help us make a case for negligent hiring or negligent retention.
  • Witness Statements
    Our investigators will interview anyone who witnessed your accident. Then, we'll compare these statements to the truck driver's account to look for any discrepancies. We will also interview people who saw the driver shortly before the accident. They may be able to provide information indicating the driver was tired or intoxicated. If what we find does not match the trucking company's version of what happened in the accident, it could be a sign they are covering up negligence.