Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle in Seminole County

Florida motorcycle accident attorneyMotorcycle accidents can cause some of the most severe injuries of any type of auto accident. Without the protection of a vehicle frame, many riders are thrown from their bikes or exposed to the brute force of a collision. The injuries caused by such accidents can be devastating and long-lasting, if not fatal. Many surviving riders are left with permanent pain, paralysis or even loss of limbs. Some are unable to resume full-time work, if they are able to return to work at all. These consequences cause serious financial losses.

It is therefore imperative that motorcycle riders fight for their legal right to be compensated for injuries sustained in a Florida motorcycle accident. Consult with a Seminole County motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after any accident. Injury victims have legal rights which are subject to statutes of limitation (generally four years for personal injury and two years for wrongful death). 

Tips for Safe Riding

While not every road hazard can be anticipated, riders can greatly reduce their chances of being involved in an accident by following safe riding habits. Consumer Safety notes that drowsiness and impairment by drugs or alcohol can affect motorcycle riders the same as passenger vehicle drivers. Other hazards are even more dangerous to motorcyclists.

For example, motorcycles are highly susceptible to potholes and poor road conditions. Riders should use caution and slow down on poorly maintained roads. Similarly, inclement weather can be more dangerous to a motorcycle rider. Not only is the driver subjected to rain, hail, or other weather elements, but he or she must also use greater physical control to prevent the motorcycle from slipping in puddles or on patches of ice. All this must occur in conditions of decreased visibility. For this reason, motorcycle riders must be especially cautious of riding in the elements. By slowing down and being especially alert to roadway obstacles, motorcycle riders can improve their ability to avoid collisions.

It is also important that motorcycle riders be familiar with both general riding skills and the particular response of the bike they are riding. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by riders who select a bike with a bigger engine than they can manage. Riders should carefully practice riding in remote areas until they can comfortably manage all features of a particular bike. Every bike handles a little differently, and it is important to know how your bike will respond in a wide variety of driving scenarios.

Regular maintenance and safety checks are also important. Damaged or poorly maintained bikes may lose control unpredictably or break down in the roadway. This is a problem which can be easily avoided with regular inspections.

Motorcycle Riders Have Legal Obligations Under Florida Law

It is also important for motorcycle riders to be aware of their legal obligations under Florida’s traffic statutes, in order to ensure their compliance. Section 316.2085 of the Florida Statutes prohibits riders from operating a motorcycle while carrying any article which prevents the person from keeping both hands on the handlebars. Riders must be seated on a permanent, regular seat that is part of the bike, and passengers may only ride on bikes which are designed to carry more than one person with a designated second seat. Riders should be familiar with these and other traffic regulations.

When traffic accidents do occur, a Seminole County motorcycle accident attorney can help injury victims file claims, identify the causes of their accidents, and decide whether to accept a settlement offer or file a lawsuit.