SR-50 in Florida Among the Worst Roads for Driving, Even in Good Conditions

Road fading into Distance with Road sign giving directions in mid-ground

A Longwood, FL car accident lawyer reveals why

It's reasonable to assume that clear driving conditions help make traveling on a highway safer. Apparently, that's not the case with Florida State Road 50, locally known as Colonial Drive, which passes through the heart of Orlando and is the site of many bad car accidents.

Here's what drivers in Florida need to know.

On the road to trouble

When it comes to the 100 most dangerous roads in the United States, an insurance company study found Florida has far more than its share with 17. By comparison, Texas and California come in second and third, with 15 and 11, respectively.

The study also found, somewhat contrary to common sense, that State Route 50 (SR50), which runs from Weeki Wachee to Titusville and passes through Orlando, experienced 86% of its accidents under clear driving conditions. That ranked seventh in the nation.

The stretch of Colonial Drive through Greater Orlando runs about 45 miles. Also rated highly dangerous in Florida are U.S. Route 1, Interstate 95, U.S. Route 41, Interstate 75, and U.S. Route 27.

The issues Florida motorists face

Colonial Drive presents many challenges, even when driving conditions seem optimal. Among them:

  • Congestion. As a major thoroughfare in Central Florida, SR-50 is home to everything from strip malls and fast-food restaurants to jewelers and other businesses, as well as housing developments. In addition, more than 1,000 driveways, parking lots, and side streets connect to SR-50.
  • Road design. Colonial Drive was never meant to serve as a major commuter thoroughfare, but housing and business development in the region have turned it into one. Some stretches feature stop-and-go traffic, parallel parking, and bike lanes.
  • Dangerous passing. With seemingly everyone in a hurry to reach their destinations, too many drivers take unnecessary risks.
  • Speeding. The speed limit on SR-50 ranges from 40 mph to 60 mph. If drivers aren't being attentive or decide to just be reckless, it's easy to go over the posted limit.
  • Inadequate law enforcement. More than two-thirds of Colonial is unincorporated, so the Sheriff's Office leaves most traffic-law enforcement and accident investigations to the Florida Highway Patrol, which says it is often too busy responding to accident scenes to monitor bad drivers.
  • Driver negligence. Then there are the usual dangers that plague roads across the nation—distracted drivers talking on their phones or texting, motorists running red lights, inexperienced drivers, tailgaters, drunk drivers, drowsy drivers, and others who don't obey the rules of the road.

Crash victims should understand their legal options

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