The Safest Place in a Car Accident is No Longer the Back Seat

Seat belt technology is improving safety for passengers riding in the front seat. Unfortunately, that same technology is not making its way into the back seat.

That’s according to the New York Times, in a report on researchers making recommendations on the cars. Highlighted are cars with rear seats equipped with the same type of advanced seat belts that protect front-seat passengers.

The improved systems include sensors that tighten belts when they detect an imminent crash. Also, belts that are pressing too hard against passengers can be loosened to prevent injury.

Riding in the back seat is not more dangerous than before. Rather, thanks to technology, front seats are safer than ever. While rear seat belts meet federal safety standards, they provide minimal protection.

Seat Belts Save Lives, Yet Also Pose Risks

In a frontal crash, seat belts in rear seats can cause chest, abdominal, and spinal injuries, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Researchers studied frontal crashes that killed or seriously injured 117 rear-seat passengers.

At particular risk are adults 55 and older because their bones tend to be more fragile. Researchers also note rear seats are more likely to be occupied by older adults who have given up driving.

Gains are being made, but they are painfully slow. The Insurance Institute hopes to have a back-seat crash test, which would allow consumers to compare car models, by 2022. The increased cost of back-seat safety technology is another factor for automakers.

In the meantime, rear seat passengers are getting injured or killed.

Passengers Have Rights – Protect Yours

A back-seat car injury in Florida can ruin your life. Physically, you may be injured and unable to work for an extended period, putting financial pressure on you and your family as regular bills and medical bills pile up. This can lead to emotional and mental strain when you need to be at your strongest, facing off against the driver responsible for your injuries, the courts and insurance companies are determined to pay you as little as possible, if anything at all.

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