Study: Most drivers know the risks of speeding -- but do it anyway


Speeding is responsible for a large percentage of serious and fatal crashes on Florida roads. In 2019, 134 fatal and 597 injurious crashes in Florida involved a driver who exceeded the posted speed limit. Additionally, speeding was a factor in 300 statewide traffic fatalities during the same year.

Exceeding the posted speed limit is a widespread problem that many drivers find themselves doing, despite knowing the risks. Independent research firm SurveyGizmo conducted a survey of more than 1,200 U.S. drivers ages 18-85 in October 2020 to gain insight into the scope of the problem. Insurance marketplace website The Zebra recently published the study.

How most drivers view speeding

About 87 percent of survey participants admitted to speeding at least a few times within the last year. Yet 35 percent of participants who admitted to speeding said that it's "never acceptable." Additionally:

  • 79% said it is only unacceptable in school zones
  • 64% said it is unacceptable with a child in the car
  • 82% agree that speeding is dangerous, 16% of whom don't speed when they're concerned for their safety
  • 40% said it is acceptable when there isn't much traffic

The study also analyzed participants' perceptions of dangerous driving. Most survey respondents ranked drunk driving as the most dangerous driving behavior, followed by distracted driving, road rage and speeding. The actual ranking (based on crash data) was:

  • Speeding - the most dangerous (17% driver fatality rate)
  • Drunk driving - the second most dangerous (10% driver fatality rate)
  • Road rage - third most dangerous (5% driver fatality rate)
  • Distracted driving - fourth most dangerous (5% driver fatality rate)

Three key risks of speeding drivers should be aware of

There are many reasons why people exceed the posted speed limit. Most of the time, it's due to:

  • Being in a hurry to get somewhere
  • A habit some drivers have without realizing it
  • Thrill-seeking and erratic driving

Regardless of the reason, speeding increases the risk of a serious crash for three key reasons:

  • Drivers give themselves less time and distance to avoid a crash.
  • Drivers have less control of their cars, especially during inclement weather.
  • The faster a driver travels, the more serious a crash will be.

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