How Hazardous Weather Can Affect Seminole County Roads

Florida auto accident attorneyHazardous weather can strike unexpectedly or can be anticipated long in advance. Either way, drivers in Seminole County should be aware of the risks associated with rainstorms and hurricanes before they hit the road. 

Hurricane Michael was the strongest storm Florida has seen in half a century. With wind speeds of more than 150 mph and torrential rain, this slow-moving storm wreaked havoc across the Sunshine State.  

What Florida drivers should know about inclement weather

When hurricanes occur, it’s important for Seminole County drivers to understand how roadways can be affected. During a storm, it is always advisable to stay off the roads. The following conditions can be dangerous:  

  • Wind speed: This can create visibility limitations and lane obstruction due to flying dust and debris.  
  • Precipitation and flooding: Heavy rain can result in visibility issues and lane obstruction. Roads can become slippery or filled with puddles, which can result in hydroplaning.  

From 2007 to 2016, there were an average of 1,235,145 weather-related crashes each year nationwide, resulting in 418,005 injuries, and 5,376 deaths.  

Roughly 70 percent of all weather-related traffic accidents occurred on wet pavement, while 46 percent occurred during rainfall.  

What is more, if a downed power line is close enough to standing water on a road, the electrical current can potentially cause severe if not fatal injuries to the driver and any passengers, not to mention great damage to the car. 

When inclement weather strikes, traffic accidents in Seminole County may not always be preventable. However, drivers should be prepared do to everything they can to prevent crashes from happening. When they fail to do so, they put other road users at risk of sustaining serious, or life-threatening, injuries. 

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