Can Self-Balancing Technology Help Prevent Motorcycle Accidents?

Florida motorcycle accident attorneyWhile there is a lot of attention on self-driving cars, new technologies being developed for motorcycles that haven't yet garnered the same amount of coverage.  Don't let the lack of headlines fool you: There are some exciting motorcycle tech developments underway.

Some of the most popular manufacturers of motorcycles, including both Honda and BMW, are working on new developments which could make motorcycles much safer for riders and which could significantly reduce the chances of motorcycle accidents.

Will New Motorcycle Technology Help to Reduce Motorcycle Accident Risks?

The technology being developed by Honda is focused on preventing motorcycles from tipping over, which can be a problem at slower speeds. Newer motorcycle riders and motorcycle riders who frequently travel at low speeds are at risk from a motorcycle tipping over due to the heavy mass of the bike. Road and indicates Honda's under-development technology, called Honda Riding Assistance, could potentially eliminate this worry and thus reduce the chances of accidents occurring.

The Honda Riding Assistance Technology increases the fork angle when the system is engaged and disconnects the handlebar from the front forks. The system also causes the motorcycle's wheel base to be lowered and makes use of small steering inputs to create a motorcycle which balances itself. The self-balancing motorcycle prevents a rider from tipping over without the use of gyroscopes or mass shifting devices.

While Honda's technology is impressive, proposed tech developments from BMW appear to go even further based on reports from CNN Money. According to CNN Money, BMW wants to revolutionize motorcycles. Because BMW believes its technologies could prevent crashes, it also indicates the company wants to design special new goggles because motorcycle riders won't need helmets anymore and wants to design special new motorcycle clothing since motorcyclists will no longer need to wear padded clothing.

According to CNN Money, BMW's tech features could result in a motorcycle which provides all of the fun of riding with none of the dangers. The motorcycle will have not only self-balancing technology, but also will have tools to allow communication with other vehicles, will have an electronic safety cage, and will have road sensors so motorcycle riders can automatically avoid collisions. The goggles which the company is designing will notify motorcycle riders of important things they need to know, including when they are at risk of an impending emergency.

Both Honda's technology and BMW's technology are on display on concept bikes, but neither is actually available on any motorcycles the companies are making available for sale to the public. It will take a long time until these technologies become ready for mass use, if they are ever perfected to the point where they actually become ready for sale to the public. Until then, drivers will need to protect themselves the old-fashioned way without reliance on technology. They will need to make smart, safe choices when riding a motorcycle and must avoid any unnecessary risks which could increase the chances a motor vehicle accident will occur.