Brain Trauma Affects Likelihood of Road Rage in Longwood

Florida auto accident attorneyTraumatic brain injury can have a profound impact after injury happens in Longwood, Orlando, Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Winter Park, Casselberry, Wekiva Springs, Maitland, Lake Mary, Heathrow and Eatonville. A brain injury can affect someone in unexpected ways. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows that someone who has sustained injury to the brain could experience impaired judgment, a change in mood and personality, and cognitive changes. Often, someone with a past history of traumatic damage to the brain could also experience problems with controlling impulses or could be quick to anger.

Brain injury victims need to understand the full extent of their symptoms and injury when they take legal action agains those who have harmed them. Brain injury patients also need to know and understand their limitations so they do not put others at risk of suffering the same fate they experienced. Unfortunately, one recent study shows that people with a history of brain trauma may be more likely to be involved in serious road rage incidents. Since road rage increases the risk of car wrecks (a leading cause of brain injury), these victims are putting other motorists at risk.

Road Rage May be More Likely After Brain Trauma

U.S. News Health reported recent research designed to assess whether a history of past traumatic brain injury made motorists more likely to exhibit serious road rage. Serious road rage was defined as an incident in which a threat was made to harm other motorists or to damage property. Serious road rage was also defined as an incident in which a driver actually did harm to another vehicle as a result of anger and aggression while on the road.

There are more than 4,000 adult drivers between the ages of 18 and 97 who were interviewed for the study assessing how brain trauma affects road rage. Data was compared from people who had suffered a past traumatic brain injury and those who had no such prior history. A past traumatic brain injury was defined to include trauma to the head that resulted in five minutes of lost consciousness or more. A person who had sustained head trauma that necessitated a stay overnight in a hospital facility was also considered to have a history of traumatic brain injury.

Research revealed that those with past histories of traumatic brain injury were more likely than other motorists to exhibit road rage behaviors. The study was one of the first to address this issue and it is thus too early to definitively say there is a causal connection between past brain trauma and current tendency towards exhibiting serious road rage. Still, the study adds to a growing body of data that shows psychological factors can make a big impact on whether a motorist is likely to experience road rage or anger-management issues.

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