Attorney Scott Miller Sponsors Premiere of Powerful Movie Musical

"On The Mind of A Beautiful Woman" starring singer Bigg Persona

Art has always served as a platform for activism, promoting ideals and beauty as well as supporting just causes that benefit others. Renowned artist Bigg Persona has created a musical film, titled "On the Mind of a Beautiful Woman." The film focuses the themes of true love and the beauty of marriage, as well as addressing the important issue of domestic violence.

Featuring 12 new musical numbers created by Bigg Persona and 400 central Florida actors, the March 1st premiere starting at 5:30 p.m. at Mango's Tropical Cafe will be a night to remember as the audience is invited to sing and dance along to the film. Law Offices of Scott Miller is proud to sponsor the movie premiere, particularly since attorney Miller has worked with many personal injury victims escaping from perilous situations involving domestic violence.

Many people might not be aware of how common domestic violence is in our country. In 2014, reports of domestic violence resulted in 64,460 arrests in Florida. Nationwide, an estimated 22 to 25 percent of women will experience domestic violence at some point during their lives, according to a nationwide study. And to make matters worse, those numbers could be even higher since many victims of domestic violence are sometimes too frightened to come forward.

And even when women do report domestic violence, they can face significant hardships. Many women are left without shelter, security or peace of mind. It's a grim topic, but an important one that needs to discussed and addressed by the public at large. That's why attorney Miller is proud to sponsor the March 1st premiere of "On the Mind of a Beautiful Woman."

Guest appearances are scheduled at the event. Partial proceeds from ticket sales will also benefit the Florida Hospital Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Tickets to the premiere are currently on sale until February 24, 2017. Mango's Tropical Café (8126 International Drive, Orlando, Florida) is the place to sing with celebrity guests, dance, and know that you are giving back to the community. Watch the movie trailer here, and join the Law Offices of Scott Miller in Orlando in March.