Amusement Park Injuries in Florida

Florida personal injuryAmusement park injuries in Orlando are not incidents the parks like to publicize, though they are reported to the state quarterly in exchange for avoidance of direct oversight. The Orlando Sentinel recently reported that a number of people have suffered serious amusement park injuries (and one death) in Orlando in a single quarter last year. The most serious incident of that quarter occurred little more than a year ago, when a 58-year-old man from Georgia reportedly drowned at the Aquatica by SeaWorld, Orlando water park.

Under-regulated Amusement Park Industry

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported an estimated 31,000 injuries associated with amusement attractions nationally. These include both fixed-site parks like Disney World or Universal Studios and mobile parks like state fairs and carnivals. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) reported a total of 1,197 ride-related injuries in 2016. This marks a 20 percent decrease from 2015. This analysis doesn't report deaths.

The CPSC reports there have been 22 deaths associated nationally at amusement parks since 2010 - but that number specifically excludes accidents at water parks and on water slides, which would include incidents like the 2016 death of a 10-year-old who was decapitated on the Verrückt water slide in Kansas.

In addition to issues with rides that may be defectively designed, improperly constructed or poorly maintained and inspected, there is the risk of operator error. Ride operators, who may be as young as 16, must cope with numbers of riders and may not always be fully trained.

Seek Legal Help for Amusement Park Injury

Claims in these cases may range from product liability to negligent operation or negligent inspection. Defendants in these cases often claim passenger misuse as a defense, but Florida does not bar cases on the basis of comparative negligence. Even if the rider is partly responsible for the accident, the park can still be held accountable for its portion of fault.

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