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Ridesharing car wrecks in Longwood and Orlando, FL can be complicated. That’s why it’s critical that you have an experienced auto accident attorney on your side familiar with Florida’s laws and how they relate to car crashes caused by ridesharing drivers working for Uber, Lyft or another company. That’s why we want to meet with you at the Law Offices of Scott M. Miller, PLLC.

For more than two decades, Longwood, Florida car accident lawyer Scott M. Miller has been fighting for the rights of injury victims in Seminole County and throughout the greater Orlando area. Attorney Miller knows how the legal system works here and what needs to be done to build a strong, successful legal case. That’s why people throughout the Orlando area turn to him when they’ve been injured in a serious accident caused by a ridesharing driver.

    What should I do if I’m in a rideshare accident?

    As with any other car accident, you need to make sure the scene is safe and report the accident to the police. Get medical attention as soon as possible, even if you feel fine, to protect your health and create a record of your injury in case the rideshare company or their insurance company disputes it later. You will need to report the accident to your insurance company and may need to report it to the rideshare company as well, but we strongly recommend talking to a lawyer first.

    Whose insurance applies in a rideshare accident?

    This depends on the Uber or Lyft driver’s status at the time of the crash. Were they signed into the Uber or Lyft app? Were they transporting a passenger or driving to pick up a passenger? Depending on whether the rideshare driver was “on duty” or not at the time of your injury, either their personal car insurance or the rideshare company’s supplemental insurance may be responsible for paying your damages. If the rideshare vehicle was struck by another vehicle whose driver was at fault, the other vehicle’s insurance applies, and the rideshare companies carry supplemental uninsured and underinsured motorist protection if that’s not enough.

    Can you sue Uber or Lyft after an accident?

    In order to sue the rideshare companies directly, you would have to prove their own negligence led to the accident. Uber and Lyft have made it clear that as far as they’re concerned, their drivers are independent contractors, not employees, so they are not automatically liable for their actions while on duty. However, whether that’s true under the law is unsettled and may vary from state to state. Your best course of action is to consult an attorney who can investigate your situation and evaluate your legal options.

    Should I consult a lawyer after a rideshare accident?

    The laws pertaining to rideshare accidents are complex, and as they are still fairly new, rapidly evolving. It’s always important to consult an experienced lawyer before you talk to an insurance company or accept a settlement offer, and that goes double for rideshare accidents because the potential legal liability is so complicated with multiple insurance companies involved.

    How did your ridesharing accident happen?

    Ridesharing accidents happen for many different reasons. They involve many different scenarios, including:

    • Other vehicles
    • Pedestrians
    • Cyclists
    • Passengers riding in ridesharing car

    So why do these car accidents happen? Some of the most common causes of ridesharing accidents include:

    • Distracted driving – Lyft and Uber drivers need to keep track of a lot of things on the road – where they’re going, who their next customer is, detours due to construction or accidents, etc. And since they’re often doing all these things while they’re driving, distracted driving accidents often occur involving ridesharing drivers.
    • Speeding – Ridesharing drivers often drive too fast because they’re trying to handle as many trips as possible. That’s because they get paid for each ride, not by the hour. As a result, some Uber or Lyft drivers go too fast and end up causing serious car crashes.
    • Falling asleep at the wheel – Some ridesharing drivers work long hours. And since there’s no limit on how many hours they can work each day, some drivers push themselves to exhaustion and fall asleep at the wheel, causing a serious accident.
    • Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs – Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol remains a common cause of motor vehicle accidents in Longwood and Orlando, FL. This includes ridesharing drivers as well.

    Whatever the cause of your ridesharing accident, make sure you take strong legal action right away. Make sure you contact our law firm and talk to attorney Scott M. Miller right now. He and the rest of his legal team can help you.

    Count on a Longwood ridesharing accident attorney who puts your needs first

    You might think you don’t need a lawyer if a ridesharing driver clearly caused your car accident in Longwood or Orlando. All you have to do is call the police, call your insurance company and they will take care of everything, right? Don’t be so sure.

    Like other motor vehicle accidents, ridesharing accidents often turn out to be far more complicated than most people suspect. The Uber or Lyft driver who caused your crash will likely deny doing anything wrong. They might also try to point the finger at you.

    The rules regarding ridesharing accidents are different as well. Different rules apply depending on whether or not the driver had the ridesharing app on or off at the time of the accident. Also important is whether or not the driver had a customer in the car at the time of the crash.

    We will take all of these factors into consideration when building your legal case. We also know how to negotiate with insurance companies or whoever’s responsible for compensating you for your crash. And if they refuse to cooperate, we’re prepared to file a ridesharing accident lawsuit on your behalf.

    Discover how a Longwood, Florida ridesharing accident lawyer can help you. Schedule your free case evaluation today with the Law Offices of Scott M. Miller, PLLC. Your case matters here.