Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Longwood pedestrian accident Attorney Scott M. Miller serves Orlando and statewide

Car accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists happen every day in Longwood and Orlando, FL, often resulting in serious or fatal injuries. Without question, when these accidents happen, the consequences can be very serious.

Because of the serious nature of pedestrian and cycling accidents, it's important that injury victims and families who lost loved ones have an experienced, aggressive attorney on their side, looking out for their best interests.

At the Law Offices of Scott M. Miller, PLLC, we work tirelessly on every single pedestrian and bicycle accident we handle. Attorney Miller and his talented legal team (which includes four paralegals, one registered nurse and several investigators) know how to investigate accidents and find the evidence injury victims need to build strong cases.

    Q&A with a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

    How common are pedestrian accidents in Longwood and Orlando, FL?

    Each year, more than 4,500 fatal pedestrian accidents occur nationwide, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In Florida, 476 people died in pedestrian accidents in 2012. That's 19% of all traffic fatalities in Florida that year.

    In 2010, 499 people died in pedestrian accidents in Florida, according to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. There were 2,072 hospitalizations and 7,650 emergency room visits that year related to pedestrian accidents.

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    How common are bicycle accidents in Longwood and Orlando, FL?

    Bicycle fatalities in Florida ranked second nationwide (behind California) in 2010, the most recent figures available from the NHTSA. That year, there were 83 bicycle fatalities in Florida. And nationwide, 618 cyclists were killed and 52,000 were injured in bike accidents in 2010, according to the NHTSA.

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    Why are pedestrian and bicycle accidents so serious?

    Bicycle riders and pedestrians are considered vulnerable because they lack crash protection. While occupants of cars do get seriously injured in accidents, they may escape serious injury because they are protected by seatbelts, airbags and the steel shell of the car. A cyclist or pedestrian who is struck by a car traveling even at a low speed may sustain a serious brain injury or spinal cord damage, among other potentially catastrophic injuries.

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    What should I do if I'm a victim of a pedestrian or bicycle accident?

    We strongly urge you - or someone else if you're seriously injured - to take the following steps as soon as possible after your accident:

    • Contact the police - Don't try to negotiate an agreement with the driver who hit you. Insist that the accident be reported to police, which will create an official record of your accident. Without a police report, you may not get full compensation for your losses.
    • Seek immediate medical attention - Don't try to diagnose yourself or tough it out. You should visit a doctor as soon as possible to protect your health and to create a record of your treatment. If you ignore medical appointments, you will send a message that your injuries are minor, which can hurt your claim.
    • Obtain personal information from driver - Get the driver's full name, address and phone number so you or your insurance company can contact them.
    • Talk to witnesses - Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses and encourage them to make a statement to the investigating police officer. Witness testimony can make a big difference in the outcome of accident cases.
    • Take photos of your accident - Photograph the scene of the accident and any visible damage to you or your bicycle.
    • Seek the advice of legal counsel- We can work with you and help you every step of the way. We have a well-earned reputation throughout Greater Orlando and elsewhere in Central Florida.

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    What if the driver flees the scene of my accident?

    Take the same steps listed above. Try to remember as many details as you can about the driver and the vehicle that hit you, including license plate number, make, model and color of vehicle and what the driver looks like. Every detail counts. For more information, see "What to Do if a Driver Hits and Runs."

    If the police do not find the driver, you may be able to be compensated for your hit-and-run accident through your own insurance policy.

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    Should I accept a financial offer from an insurance company after my accident?

    A representative from an insurance company may contact you soon after your accident and make a financial offer to settle your accident claim. The offer might seem reasonable. It might also feel like a relief to resolve your case and move on with your life. The claims adjuster may even suggest that he can't do any better.

    Don't be so sure. Often, insurance companies make low-ball offers that don't cover the true cost of an accident. Emergency medical expenses aren't the only things you need to consider after your accident. You may need money for future medical care and rehabilitation as well as lost income, lost future income and pain and suffering.

    The cost of an accident over a lifetime can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more, depending on the severity of your injuries. Our legal team understands the complex nature of an injury claim. Our case results speak for themselves.

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    Can I negotiate for more money after my accident?

    Yes. But negotiations can be difficult and complicated. That's why it's important to contact the Law Offices of Scott M. Miller, PLLC as soon as possible. Attorney Miller knows how to handle complex cases involving injury and property damage. He worked as a lawyer in Chicago for 5 years before moving to Florida and starting his own practice. He's also a member of the "Million Dollar Advocates Forum," an elite legal association reserved for lawyers who obtain a settlement or verdict for a client worth more than $1 million.

    Call us anytime, 24 hours a day: (866) MILLER-5 or (407) 869-9996. Your consultation is free and you pay no attorney's fees unless there is a recovery.

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