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How to Interpret a Florida Car Accident Report

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Your Florida Traffic Crash Report may be a critical piece of evidence in your injury claim, but you may find it difficult to interpret the document. This 4-page-long form contains a wide range of symbols, codes and abbreviations. As a special service to you, we have provided a sample accident form here with our comments.

Attorney Scott M. Miller has years of experience working on car accident cases in the Greater Orlando area and throughout the state. He knows how to interpret accident reports, interview witnesses, hire top-notch experts and take other necessary steps to support a compelling legal case.

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Page 1

This page focuses mainly on important personal information about drivers involved in the accident. Make sure this information is accurate. Also note what the investigating police officer wrote in the box marked "INJ" in the row that begins with "Driver License Number." The "INJ" box refers to "injury" and whether the driver was injured and the police officer's assessment of the driver's injury at the time of the accident. Another important box on Page 1 is "ALC/DRUG." This box designates whether the driver was drunk or under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident. Verify this information. If it's not correct, contact us. We can help you set the record straight.

Page 2

This page partly concerns pedestrian accidents involving a vehicle or vehicles. This page also contains sections for the investigating police officer to make note of "contributing causes" to the accident, "point of collision," "road service condition," "weather" and "lighting condition."

Page 3

This page is reserved for the investigating police officer's narrative description of your accident. While the officer's narrative might seem straightforward, understand that insurance companies often scrutinize every word to find ways to reduce liability for the at-fault individual. If you disagree with the officer's version, contact us to find out how we can help you.

Page 4

This page is reserved for the diagram of your motor vehicle accident. The investigating police officer will draw the diagram. Make sure the drawing exactly matches your recollection and photographs of your accident. If there is a discrepancy, immediately contact the police and the Law Offices of Scott M. Miller, P.A. We can work with you and the police to make sure the diagram in your Florida Traffic Crash Report contains the correction location of the vehicles involved in your accident.