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Seminole Crosswalks Can Be Dangerous for Pedestrians

Media reports of car accidents often focus on splashy details. In the midst of celebrity accidents, drunk driving, cars crashing into buildings, and other dramatic incidents, it can be easy to forget that pedestrians are struck with alarming frequency. Pedestrian accidents can occur in crosswalks, on sidewalks, in traffic lanes, or anywhere else where vehicles...

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Florida Texting Ban Would Prevent Longwood Car Accidents

Texting while driving is among the most dangerous behaviors behind the wheel. Some studies equate it to drunk driving, often finding those texting while driving have reaction times similar to a driver with a blood-alcohol level of .08 - the threshold for drunk driving in all 50 states. That's how Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Mark...

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Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle in Seminole County

Motorcycle accidents can cause some of the most severe injuries of any type of auto accident. Without the protection of a vehicle frame, many riders are thrown from their bikes or exposed to the brute force of a collision. The injuries caused by such accidents can be devastating and long-lasting, if not fatal. Many surviving...

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Trendy Apps Increase Distracted Driving in Seminole County

The widespread use of mobile devices has caused distracted driving to become one of America’s greatest health crises. With the prevalence of in-vehicle entertainment systems and navigation devices, the temptation to take one’s eyes off the road is greater than ever. Now, trendy apps are providing yet another source of distraction, and the effects are...

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Seminole County Roads Can Be Made Safer With Emerging Truck Platooning Technology

Truck accidents cause more severe injuries than accidents involving passenger vehicles. This is because larger, heavier vehicles exert more momentum, and thus greater force with which to cause injuries during a collision. Truck accident injury victims in Seminole County have the legal right to be compensated for their losses by anyone who is legally responsible...

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Federal Regulations Target Safety of Self-Driving Vehicles on Florida Roads

Self-driving cars are still a novel sight in many Florida communities, but they are poised to become prevalent over the next few years. The Verge reports that a House subcommittee is marking up a package of legislation related to autonomous vehicles. This seemingly standard procedure is part of a larger national discussion on vehicle safety...

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